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Holsteiner Horses

The Holsteiner is thought to be the oldest of the warmblood breeds. They aren’t very large in population, but are well known in show jumping and other english riding activities such as dressage.

They average between 16 and 17 hands tall. Their appearance is that of an athletic riding horse. Holsteiners are generally darker in their coloring, and as seen in the picture, they have a rather intelligent eye.


Curly Horses

Curly horses are known for their mild temperament and generally good work ethic. They have a curly haired coat; however, some purebred curlies have no curl at all. They can be found in almost all colorings.

Curlies have tough bones and strong hooves and mainly stand between 14-16 hands. An interesting fact of curlies is that most people who are allergic to horses can generally handle curlies. They are considered to be hypoallergenic. Scientists believe that a protein is missing from their fur that causes reactions to happen; however, this fact has never officially been published.

Hanoverian Horses

The Hanoverian is a warmblood horse originating in Germany, well known in the english riding world. It is known for its great temperament along with its beauty and grace.

Hanoverians are elegant and strong in their stature. They range from 15.3-17 hands high and are generally shades of chestnut, bay, brown, black, and grey in their coloring.

Hanoverians are well known for their performance in english discipline in areas such as dressage, show jumping, show hunting, etc.

Hanoverians have been known to shine in the Olympics.

Belgian Draft Horses

The Belgian, of course, is native to Belgium and the breed originated there.  The Belgian is the most popular draft horse out there.

The Belgian is still used as a work horse, but now has become popular for use in the show ring and pleasure riding. Belgians generally weigh on average 200olbs, while some weigh more. Most are light and dark shades of chestnut, similar to sorrel.

Belgians can also pull tremendous amounts of weight, so they are usually in pulling competitions.






When you think of horse racing, thoroughbred is what pops into your head. The Thoroughbred was originally bred in England due to the englishmen’s growing passion for fast race horses. The three horses that found the thoroughbred line were Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian, and Godolphin Arabian. The thoroughbred is the most favored horse for track racing, the most famous race being the Kentucky Derby.

The thoroughbred begins its training as a yearling and grows to be comfortable with a saddle on its back and a bridle in its mouth. Then with a rider on its back as well as breaking into a run around the track to eventually race.

They range from 15.2-17 hands tall. The average being 16 hands. They have generally lean, long bodies with powerful legs built for speed and agility. Thoroughbreds are generally bay, seal brown, chestnut, black, or grey.

In the recent years, movies have been made based off the powerful world of horse racing featuring thoroughbreds. Movies such as Seabiscuit, Dreamer, and Secretariat are just a few.

Tennessee Walking Horse

The Tennessee Walker is a light horse breed found in middle Tennessee. Its composition comes from several breeds. The breed initially started out as a utility horse, but has become an ideal horse for all ages and levals of experience. The Walker adapts to both english and western styles, and is known for its elegant gait and docile temperament. It has been said that the walker is the “world’s greatest show, trail, and pleasure horse.”

Tennessee  Walking Horses range between 14.3-17 hands tall weighing between 900 and 1200lbs. There head is well defined with small ears. They have long, sloping features with short, strong legs.  Walkers are generally black, bay, chestnut/sorrell, or white, white horses are extremely rare in Walkers.

Quarter Horse

The Quarter Horse is an american breed of horse,  bred for sprinting short distances in horse races. The Quarter Horse is the most popular breed of horses in the United States, and the American Quarter Horse Association is the largest breed registry in the world.

The Quarter Horse has a small, refined head while having strong, muscular features throughout their body. They have very powerful hindquarters built for speed.  Usually, they stand between 14-16 hands tall, while some stand 17 hands. There are two main body types when classifying quarter horses: the stock type and the hunter or racing type. The stock type is shorter and more compact, well muscled and agile. The racing type is somewhat taller and has smoother muscles, similar to a thoroughbred. Quarterhorses nearly come in all colors from light palomino to dark brown and black.

The Quarter Horse is an all around horse entirely. It’s well known on the racetrack to the show ring, along with its performance in rodeos and on the ranch. They are well suited for events requiring speed and swift movement such as barrel racing and calf roping, anything involving live cattle as well. Along with succeeding in western events, they succeed in english discipline as well.