The Quarter Horse is an american breed of horse,  bred for sprinting short distances in horse races. The Quarter Horse is the most popular breed of horses in the United States, and the American Quarter Horse Association is the largest breed registry in the world.

The Quarter Horse has a small, refined head while having strong, muscular features throughout their body. They have very powerful hindquarters built for speed.  Usually, they stand between 14-16 hands tall, while some stand 17 hands. There are two main body types when classifying quarter horses: the stock type and the hunter or racing type. The stock type is shorter and more compact, well muscled and agile. The racing type is somewhat taller and has smoother muscles, similar to a thoroughbred. Quarterhorses nearly come in all colors from light palomino to dark brown and black.

The Quarter Horse is an all around horse entirely. It’s well known on the racetrack to the show ring, along with its performance in rodeos and on the ranch. They are well suited for events requiring speed and swift movement such as barrel racing and calf roping, anything involving live cattle as well. Along with succeeding in western events, they succeed in english discipline as well.