In 1789, the sire of the Morgan breed was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. The owner of the colt, Justin Morgan, gave him the name of Figure. It is said that Figure was sired by True Briton and his dam was of the Wild-air breed, although the true history of his upbringing is unknown. True Briton was widely respected for his excellence and known as a sire of horses of great quality. As Figure grew up to his potential, his compact muscular body and stylish way of moving impressed the pioneer settlers and farmers. His ability to perform better than the other horses was legendary.

The Morgan breed today differs only slightly from their sire. The average height of a Morgan is 14.2-15.2 hands, while some are slightly over or under. Morgan’s are primarily chestnut, bay or brown. Although, some are black, palomino, buckskin, or gray. This breed is known for its great courage, disposition, and substance. All across the nation, you can see Morgans with the same great appearance.

The Morgan is a hard-working horse that performs just as well in the show ring as it does on the farm. Their beauty and intelligence impresses so many. Morgans are family friendly and great companions. The Morgan is a great breed.